Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who should take responsibility for climate change?


In my opinion, climate change causes a lot of problems in our life, we have the responsibility to make changes. We can make some suggestions to the govements, or we can raise public awareness of having good habits to reduce pollution throught the TV or INTERNET.


I believe that climate change is a major problem.Both the government and people should cooparate to solve this problem. People should be aware of what is happening to thier environment because of thier improper use of their resources and the huge amount of waste products originating from this. The government should participate as well by giving directions and aids to the peaple and make sure that everyone is doing thier job.


In order to solve the problem of current climate change we have to reduce the consumption of energy at individual levels. I know it would be extremely difficult without governmental intervention. Therefore regulations by governments are essential. We all have to work together to reduce consumption of energy to contribute to solving the problem.


Governments cannot solve the problem of climate change. We must make changes ourselves. What are your views?

Why can not governments solve the problem of climate change? How unreasonable it is! Basically, The climate change affects humans a lot such as: our enviroment; our health ...In my opinion, we must work together to solve this big world problem. Not only the governments but also people all over the world should work together to find the best solution. Please gather in a group and do discuss about it quickly!


Governments cannot solve the problem of climate change. We must make changes ourselves. What are your views?

I firmly believe that changes regarding the climate crisis should originate from us. increasing the green areas around our homes will help us provide our children with fresh clean air. planting more trees will filter the air and make it possible to control the climatic changes. For instance, there should be campaigns by children and adults to work together in order to achieve that.


In my opinion, the methods we could use to solve the problem of climate chage is that, first of all, it is essenital for the government to punblish regulations and laws to limit and change citizens daily activities which will have negaive impacts on climate. In the second place, for the indivitual, it is worth for us to pay more attention to the weather change, and take more of our behaviors. Moreover, we could use mass media to make more people know the real condition of our climate now, and promote methods we can use to solve the climate changing problem. Lastly, for most of the social groups, they could hold more events to let more people gain the methods of solving the issue of climate change.


In my opinion, there is some truth in the statement "Governments cannot solve the problem of climate change. We must make the changes". This is, that as individuals we have to play a more active role in terms of climate issues by changing our daily behaviour of our daily life. However, I also think governments are equally responsible for acting on climate issues.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Here are my comments;

Liuyin - excellent just change INTERNET to lower case.

Amanda - Try to use more punctuation in your sentences like commas to join sentences together.

Thier - Their - spelling

aids - aid = uncountable noun

Very good work !

TR - Excellent no errors

Jane - Why can't governments solve the problems of climate change

How unreasonable is it? - Word order when asking questions.

climate change doesn't need 'the'

After a colon : you don't need a semi-colon ;

big world problem - world-wide problem

Good work !

More comments later !

Jessie Teacher

Anonymous said...

Energiser - some feedback about your work:

1. increasing/planting - use capitals when beginning sentences

Otherwise very good ! Well done

Jacob - I have corrected this on another post somewhere !

Aioria - Very good grammar but try not to use daily twice in a sentence - any synonyms?

Well done guys ! Keep up the good work. Remember correcting each others work is excellent practice for finding your own mistakes.

Jessie Teacher

Energizer said...

Thank you jessie i got your lovely feedback..I'll be working on it .. :)

Ahmed Hossam Ibrahim..