Sunday, February 22, 2009

The event of Jensen,Today

today we were talking about the methods we could use to solve the problems of world pollution.
And this was one topic of the content:
Governments cannot solve the problem of climate change. We must make changes ourselves. What are your views?

In my opinion, the methods we could use to solve the problem of climate chage are that, first of all, it is essenital for the government to punblish regulations and laws to limit and change citizens daily activities which will have negaive impacts on climate. In the second place, for the indivitual, it is worth for us to pay more attention to the weather change, and take more of our behaviors. Moreover, we could use mass media to make more people know the real condition of our climate now, and promote methods we can use to solve the climate changing problem. Lastly, for most of the social groups, they could hold more events to let more people gain the methods of solving the issue of climate change.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

Some feedback about your work:

1. today = Today, use capital letters when starting a sentence.

2. Don't start a sentence with And - it is a conjunction used to join two ideas together check out this link for more help.

3. Climate chage (spelling) - change

4. You don't need a comma after first of all (P) means punctuation mistake

5. punlish - publish (spelling)

6. negaive - negative (Sp) if I write (Sp) it means spelling mistake !

7. In the second place - Secondly (sounds better)

8. indivitual - individual (Sp)

9. is worth for us to pay more attention - it is worth us paying more attention to

10. take more of our behaviours - and behave more considerately

11. climate changing - climate change

12. Lastly - Finally is better here

Very good effort ! Well done !

Jessie Teacher