Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New TOEFL preparation classes

A lot of students in English city have been attending classes for TOEFL prepartion conducted by Salsita Almendros. Although these classes started a few weeks ago they have became very popular. The classes focus on the speaking section of the TOEFL test which is, in my opinion, the most challenging section in the exam.

Sally has been doing such a wonderful job. Although she has not taught any TOEFL preparation courses before , she managed to do a lot of research about the test and now she is able to spot our points of weakness and help us to improve our performance so we can get high scores in the test.

I believe that she has put a lot of effort into this task. She gives us a lot of tips and examples which are very helpful and we get to practice these examples in class then she gives us feedback about our answers and she let us listen to some sample answers and discuss them with us as well.

I think that is the best way to improve our performance in the test and I think everybody agrees with me on that. I really appreciate what sally is doing for us and i want to tell her to keep up the good work.


Amanda said...

i know the second sentence in the first paragraph is wrong i should have written "Although thise class has started few weeks ago,it has became very popular" i tried to edit it but i could not.

jane.nguyen said...

yeah, I totally agree with u :)! Great job Sally.

Anonymous said...

1.Alot = A lot

2.Toefl = TOEFL

3.salsita almendros = Use capital letters

4. Although these classes started few weeks ago = past simple you have the time period when they started

5. They have became(become) very popular - present perfect

6. focous = focus (spelling)

7.challanging = challenging

8. Although she did not teach any Toefl preparation courses before = has not taught - present perfect until now

9.alot = a lot

10.researches = research - uncountable noun

11. to put a lot of effort into a task

12. tips and examples which is very helpful - which are very helpful - plural tips and examples

13. classe = class (spelling)

14. discusse - discusses them with us as well.

15.imorove = improve

16. donig = doing

Good post Amanda - watch out for your:
Present perfect and past simple

Well done !

Jessie Teacher

Anonymous said...

I have corrected the post for you :) next time you and Jane can edit it together and I will check over it :)

Jessie Teacher

jane.nguyen said...

oh Thanks a lot Jessie !

Anonymous said...

You are welcome keep up the good work ! To practice more why not look at other student posts to correct them, correction is great practice !

Jessie Teacher