Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

We watched the Royal Wedding Live!!!! in English City!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you could change one important thing about your country, what would you change?

If I could change on important thing about my country,sounds interesting,actually,i always think about those kinds of questons because there are a lot of things need to change in my country.I'm from China,frankly,I want people in China have freedom of speech,why i have this idea,there some seasons below.

Firstly,freedom of speech is foundation of democracy.One of my dreams is a democratic China,The value of  democracy is people can say what they want to day without fear,and the goverment should listen the people's voice,not crack theirs.people can put those different opinons to the media,like Taiwan,people have freedom of media in 1987,finally,Taiwan became a democratic country now.

Secondly,I think freedom of speech can make the things easy,if you wouldn't let people say,maybe you get wrong about your decision,just like a company,If the boss often comunicate with their employees,sometime they will get good idea.The country also like this,The governor should have this kind of  open mind and make the country better.

So that what i think,I hope one day China will become a democratic country and take a important role in the world.People respect China,not because it's "great",because it's a "great democracy".

  • Rookie Obama

If you could change one important thing about your country what would you change?

I am Friendly Rexie from Vietnam. I am really glad when catching your topic "If you could change one important thing about your country what would you change?". 

This interesting topic reminds me when I still was a pupil till a student. Education programme is really hard to me. A large knowledge I have to cram into my mind, but I don't know how to memorise all of them in the right way. In other words, noone shows me method to remember information and knowledge. Almost of students have problems like me, learning by rote as a way to choose because too many things we have to study to complete grades in limited time.

If I could change one important thing about my country, the first thing I think is improve education system. In Vietnam, a large amount of knowledge in books we have to learn for exams and grades but there is still much information not suitable or redundant for every grade. For example, I was a student in marketing but I had to take chemistry and physics exams both in hard level at the beginning. I passed the exam and seldom saw them mentioned in studing programmes. When I graduated up to now, knowledge is just around maths, English and commercial paper work. Chemistry and physics almost disappear in office work.

Education system is very important to every country because it effects on young people those who will contribute to nation's development and strength. 

To sum up, a country has good education as a key to integrate successfully into world economy and stimulate homeland's economy development.

  • Friendly Rexie

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is an agrument about whether smoking should be prohibited in public place

Recently, the debate over whether people who smoke cigarette in public places should be allowed or be banned with different laws and regulations has aroused wide concern. People retain diverse attitudes towards this hot issue. Before presenting my view, I intend to explore both sides of the argument.

Many people claim that people taking cigarette in public should be accepted by others and administrators. To begin with, by smoking on the streets and so on, you can easily start conversations with others and even quickly make new friends and improve the relationships. Moreover, it can cater the needs of smokers and can stimulate the development of the society by gaining the money from smokers, because cigarette industry plays a major part in the local revenue, if lots of smokers don’t buy cigarettes, which will give a negative impact on social development. Furthermore, to stop taking cigarette in blocks may bring out some negative outcomes such as violence and crime. It will undoubtedly exert a negative influence on society security and residents’ daily routine.

Some other people, however, strongly hold that it is essential for the local government to publish rules to limit and prevent smoking behaviors in public places for several factors. Firstly, some researches have shown that tobacco contains varieties of dangerous materials, many of which even potentially give rise to serious diseases including cancers. Therefore, it is extremely worth for us to make an announcement to prohibit smoking in public regions. In the second place, as a consequence of using the fire to light up cigarette outside, serious fire emergency will happen and it will put public facilities and staying people in a dangerous position. Lastly, in public zones smoking will mislead teenagers and young adults, so it is necessary, obviously speaking, to prevent smoking in public areas and build a health environment for most of non-smokers.

From the above discussion, we can see that there is actually some truth in both statements. Personally, I totally agree with the second view that we should ban smoking in public places. Apparently there is some truth in supporting smokers taking cigarettes in public places but, to put the issue into perspective, many of us have realized that smoking will lead to a number of problems to the environment and humans, after all., the public place is not the special area merely for smokers and at the same time smoking is not a good habit at all.

This is an agrument about whether the teacher can be replaced by the computer

Recent years, the debate over whether the teacher who plays a major part in educating students should keep his or her position or be replaced by computers and electronic facilities has become the focus of the public. People retain diverse attitudes towards this hot issue. Before presenting my view, I intend to explore both sides of the arguments.

Many people are of the opinion that, teachers or professors teaching students with face to face still plays the major role in education system. To start with, by using computers, students will be lack of chance to practice some essential skills such as cooperation and competition though starting conversations and playing games together directly. Moreover, by electronic facilities, students have few chances to communicate with human teachers and deal with questions they have when they learn knowledge. Furthermore, to read articles or to do homework by typing words into computers though a long time may bring out negative outcomes such as boring and distraction, it will undoubtedly exert a negative impact on the efficiency of gaining knowledge.

Some other people, however, strongly hold that it is absolutely necessary for us to give up this traditional teaching method and take some innovations by installing computers to translate teaching sources in classrooms for several explanations. Firstly, by using electronic equipments and Internet, schools or universities can reduce the total fees, therefore, lots of people including those who live under poverty lines are able to accept education. In the second place, as a consequence of using computers and Internet to teach students, they are able to study at home or any place they want. Lastly, for the society, learning through computers will save lots of the public funds, so it is extremely worth, obviously speaking, for governments and education institutions taking computers as the major way to teach students.

From the above discussion, we can see that there is actually some truth in both statements. Personally, I strongly support the first view that we should keep the traditional teaching methods, which teachers are the key in it. Although I agree with computers replacing teachers up to a point, to put the issue into perspective, many of us have realize that human teachers teaching students can have a better effects, after all, computers are machines, they merely can input and output data.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On my way to English City....

Something very unusual happened to me on my way to English City yesterday. I was walking along the road trying to get on-line and what did I see but a group of beautiful horses being ridden by soldiers cross in front of me!

I heard their hooves clip clopping and they were shaking their tails and manes and shining in the sunlight. As most people use cars these days or get the tube in London I was very shocked at seeing the horses there.

I love living here in London and despite the business and the rain sometimes it is a fascinating city with a great, vibrant social scene.

I also like the way it is extremely traditional but ultra-modern too.

Here is a picture of the horses in the street for you.....

See you soon in English City - Jessie Teacher

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jazz's Sailing Trip

Hi Everyone
As you may know I have been travelling on our sail boat with my husband for a few weeks. It was an amazing few weeks, more of an adventure than a cruise. Since we lifted the anchor on 6th March we have had either no wind and sunshine or too much wind and rain.
Three days into the trip we heard that a category 5 cyclone (very severe hurricane) was coming down to say hello to us where we were anchored. So before it got too windy we got into our little rubber 3 metre dinghy with a little engine and started investigating creeks that we could shelter in.
We managed to get up a narrow mangrove creek and put out two anchors and 4 ropes and waited. It was a bit nerve racking. See the photo of the cyclone, it had 250km winds at its centre.
We had to stay in the creek for 4 days with high winds, even up the creek, until the Cyclone weakened into a low depression and it then just rained.
Getting out of the creek was a little hair raising as we had to turn the boat around in a strong current and wind. As soon as we released the ropes a little it took off turning itself around a little too quickly for comfort and catching a few mangrove tree branches on the way. We then motor sailed in wind and rain and low visibility following the leads and beacons like hawks to avoid the shallow sand banks to a lovely anchorage beside a large sand island. There we had turtles and dolphins playing around the boat.
We then had 5 days of sunshine but not much wind while we continued sailing up the coast visiting some beautiful beaches and lighthouses.
After 5 days we took the boat into a marina near a town where many family members live where we enjoyed showing the boat to our family. The weather was not good again with high winds and another cyclone developed so we waited for the bad weather to pass before we set off again.

In the last week we had sunshine but very big seas. The waves were as big as 4 metres high. I got a little frightened at times but the boat performed very well. We spent the last few days visiting some beautiful islands before heading home.
I am now back at English City and look forward to seeing you all in the City soon.

Bye for now.Jazz