Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you could change one important thing about your country, what would you change?

If I could change on important thing about my country,sounds interesting,actually,i always think about those kinds of questons because there are a lot of things need to change in my country.I'm from China,frankly,I want people in China have freedom of speech,why i have this idea,there some seasons below.

Firstly,freedom of speech is foundation of democracy.One of my dreams is a democratic China,The value of  democracy is people can say what they want to day without fear,and the goverment should listen the people's voice,not crack theirs.people can put those different opinons to the media,like Taiwan,people have freedom of media in 1987,finally,Taiwan became a democratic country now.

Secondly,I think freedom of speech can make the things easy,if you wouldn't let people say,maybe you get wrong about your decision,just like a company,If the boss often comunicate with their employees,sometime they will get good idea.The country also like this,The governor should have this kind of  open mind and make the country better.

So that what i think,I hope one day China will become a democratic country and take a important role in the world.People respect China,not because it's "great",because it's a "great democracy".

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Aviano Gearz said...

Hi! I am Aviano Gearz from INDIA. Now i'll get to the point. We have more than 250 Million Dalits in our country. And they belng to the Lowest Class in the Hindu Religion. Dalits have no basic rights. They are often regarded as the Broken People. The governmet's rule for equal status is not being followed by the majority of indian communities. We are divided into casts and sub-casts which hinders our growth. If i had a chance to make a difference then i would change the miserable lives of Dalits living in our country for a decade.